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Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez at Best of the West Art Show

Robert Rodriguez spent a large portion of his career as an illustrator doing many nationally recognized images. 


For instance, who wouldn't recognize the Quaker on the Quaker Oats cereal boxes?  Maybe the Santitas Corn Chip Senorita?  Or next time you are in 7-11, check out the Grandma from Grandma's Cookies. 


Over the years, Rodriguez has done about 8 Ringling Bros. Circus posters, several movie posters, Broadway theater posters, and the XXVI Superbowl poster.  He has done 18 USPS postage stamps and a series of posters for 3M showing their electrical tape being demonstrated by 1950's style pin-up girls.

But finally he has turned his attention to that easel in the corner, which has now moved to the center of the studio.  He's been focusing on Western painting primarily.  Remembering his childhood, sitting glued to the TV as Roy and The Lone Ranger rode across the screen saving the citizens from a new disaster every week, and never even losing their hats in a fight.  That's pretty exciting inspiration for his new work. You can see Robert's work at Best of the West Art Show.

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